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7 Jun 17

It’s the easiest way to care for your vehicle.

Audi Ottawa always wants to provide you with the top options for the best service care and protection of your Audi and your investment. Audi Care is just one of those options that are high up on the list here in the Ottawa/Gatineau region.

Audi Care offers peace of mind that comes with knowing your regularly scheduled maintenance service fees are covered.

How much can you save?

Audi Care is a one time set price that covers you over 4 services or five years from the original vehicle in-service date-whichever comes first. No need to worry about changing parts or labour prices!

You will save a minimum 25%, by choosing Audi Care.

For Example:
If you own a 2016 Q5 2.0L and were to purchase your scheduled maintenance services separately plus a brake fluid change, your total cost before tax would be $1469.42 based on today’s parts and labor costs – keep in mind that this can increase over the 4 year period!

Make your regularly scheduled maintenance services more cost-effective and hassle-free with Audi Care from Audi Ottawa. Your plan is waiting!

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